We’ve been working in boudoir photography in the Boston area for about four years now and it’s been one of the most rewarding things we’ve done. It’s hard not to sound a little cheesy when you start talking about helping women see their own beauty in a way some never have before. But it’s also easy to see how some might think we’re just contributing to the idea that women are to be prized, above all, for their beauty. But I think that’s selling boudoir short. Especially the way we do it.

We specialize in showing off our clients’ beauty. We don’t make any attempt to make anyone conform to any societal ideals. Most of our clients come in looking pretty close to the way they look every day. Maybe not everyday every day. But at least they way they would look on a night out at a nice restaurant.

There is little getting around the fact that women in our society are judged on their looks. We have created, or at least allowed to be created for us, a very limited set of standards for beauty. Movies, television, magazines, billboards. They all show us an unattainable goal. Intellectually we all know that even the women we see being held up as having achieved the goal fall short in their real life. We see them painted, coiffed and digitally altered into something they are not.

Often, boudoir photography is the same. It is about attaining that unattainable goal, even if it only exists in that same digitized fantasy world. Hair and makeup artists work their magic to fluff, contour, highlight and smooth you into someone your own toddler might not recognize. And once the session is done the photoshop voodoo begins.

Photoshop, in the hands of a talented practitioner, can be a powerful thing. It can do away with freckles, laugh lines, extra pounds. Almost any flaw. But what are you left with? It’s not you. It’s a fantasy of who you could be if you were different. If you were not you. You get to feel like a supermodel for a day and have the pictures to prove it. But does that really make you feel better about yourself? In the day to day?

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We want to show you how beautiful you are. We want to show you what your mate sees when they look at you. Those freckles are a part of you. Having them has most likely helped to shape you into the person you are. They may even be the physical feature others love most about you.

The extra pounds? Maybe we should all stop thinking of them as “extra.” We are who we are right now. Even if you want to work to become more healthy, you need to live your life today. Love yourself. Every ounce.

What about the laugh lines? Just look at what they’re called. You earned those from a lifetime of laughing and smiling and living and loving. Would you trade all of that for smooth, unwrinkled skin? Wear them with pride.

We want to capture you in a way you’ve never seen yourself. Not in a way you aren’t. But in the way others see you. We just want to help you strip away all of the self doubt and outside pressures. So, in the immortal words of our 13 year old daughter, “You do you, boo boo.” And we’ll show you just how awesome that is.

— sara