As professionals who specialize in boudoir photography we have spent a lot of time thinking about this. What is sexy? And we’ve discovered that the answer can be different for each client. Some women are thin, some are curvy, some are serious, some are bubbly, some are shy and some are adventurous. They can all be sexy.

sexy boudoir

When most people think of boudoir photography they think of lace corsets, garter belts, and thigh high stockings. Maybe a naughty French maid costume. Because that’s sexy, right? But if you aren’t comfortable in those things you won’t be confident. And one of the sexiest things around is confidence.

We encourage our clients to consider themselves and their mate (if it’s for a mate) when deciding their wardrobe and props for the session. Does your special someone love the way you look in a frilly baby doll negligee? Bring it. Do you feel hottest in a tank top and boy shorts? Bring that. Do they love the way you look when you’re fresh for the gym? You get the idea.

what is sexy boudoir

We’re not saying it can’t be sexy to try something new and show a different side of yourself. It can. You’re probably stepping out of your comfort zone just by having a boudoir session. Be adventurous with your wardrobe if want. Just don’t feel pressured to do something that doesn’t feel right for you.

Again, it’s about confidence. Whatever you decide to wear make sure it fits you well both physically and emotionally. Before you come to your session have a little practice run at home. Try on the pieces you intend to use. Look at yourself the mirror from multiple angles. If you aren’t comfortable in it in your own home you probably won’t feel comfortable in it in our studio. Just don’t worry if the things you want to wear aren’t “conventionally sexy.” You get to decide what feels sexy to you.

One big misconception a lot of our clients have is that, in order to be sexy, you have to have a very serious, sex kitten type look on your face in every photo. Totally not true. Sure that can be hot. But a big smile or even a hearty laugh can be super sexy as well. Especially if that’s who you are.

When you walk in you’ll be nervous. But we’re pretty good at putting our clients at ease. Remember, this is just a normal day for us. We’ve got this. We’ll have you enjoying yourself in no time. Those natural smiles and laughs will help bring that confidence out.

We’ve had serious clients, shy clients, vivacious clients and everything in between. They all have a sexy woman inside of them. We’ve had women bring everything from handcuffs or tasseled pasties to white cotton panties and their hockey gear. You can’t get it wrong as long as it’s right for you.

Just remember not to get caught up on what you think sexy should be. You decide. You know yourself. You know your mate. This is for you. Or the two of you. The images should reflect that.