You’re getting married! Congratulations! You’ve got so much to think about and so much to do. Unless you’re making a quick pit stop at the court house, even the smallest weddings have a lot of details to take care of. Venues, churches, food, wardrobe, bands, DJs, flowers, transportation, out of town guests. And you can’t forget the groom’s gift. Or, to be more inclusive, the gift for your spouse-to-be.

When doing all of that planning, couples getting married in Boston have an extra stressor: the weather. There are very few perfect days to get married in New England. As they say,”If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute.” The weather can turn at any moment. There could be snow in April, a heatwave in October or a heatwave in April and snow in October. It can be totally unpredictable. But do you know what remains pretty predictable? Watches as grooms gifts. Watches are nice. But do you know what’s better? You. Super hot.

Boudoir photography is not something that most couples have discussed. Your partner might not even know what it means. And maybe boudoir is something way outside your comfort zone and your partner knows this. What better way to surprise your new spouse than a gift that shows just how much you love and appreciate them. It says,”I love you so much I jumped out of an airplane for you.” I know, you didn’t really jump out of an airplane, but boudoir can be a little scary and exhilarating and totally out of character for you so it’s not that different, right? And the bonus is that no one has every died from boudoir photography. Not that I’ve ever heard of anyway. It’s way safer than the skydiving thing.

Just imagine how your mate will feel when just hours before your wedding they open their gift and it’s an entire album of photos of you looking gorgeous and sexy. They’ll be even more excited to see you at the end of that aisle. And we won’t even talk about the wedding night. It certainly won’t hurt that. And perusing the album can be a fun distraction from the heavier emotions of the day.

sexy wedding boudoir

You’ll both have this collection of photos to look back on. It will be not only a record of how amazingly beautiful you are right now, but also an awesome memory from your big day.

Jewelry is nice. Watches are functional. But what is time anyway? Does anybody really know what time it is? And who doesn’t carry a cellphone that tells the time? Step away from the mundane. Don’t give in to the powerful timepiece cabal bent on monopolizing the matrimonial gift industry. Buy local! Support artists! It’s almost like doing a good deed.

But really. This day is about you and your mate. Make the gift about you as well. I’m sure there is a study somewhere that says that couples who start their lives together with boudoir photography are way more likely to stay together forever. And if there isn’t one, there should be.


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