“Tis the season to be jolly.”  Of course we all have heard that expression a million times, no matter what faith you are.  The expression refers to the fact that the Christmas and holiday season in general is one that makes people happy, and giving to others is one of the best ways to make you feel good about yourself.  We spend nearly two months immersed in the “holiday season” while we look for the perfect gift for people on our list.  We really want to see their face when they open up that gift that goes beyond the typical things that you would find anywhere, beyond the standard gift that you would get from anyone who wasn’t really thinking about you, or who you are.  We want to see their faces when they open that gift that took a long time to find, the one that only someone who knew them really well would know to buy.  For that one special person in your life, have you ever thought of changing the expression to “tis the season to be sexy?”

In a season that we are trying to think of gifts to give to someone, your partner is the one that is probably the most difficult to find something for.  You know them better than everyone else does, but you also know that they have everything that you would potentially buy them already.  They are going to be totally disappointed if the gift is run of the mill, like socks or a tie or something.  So just imagine the look on their face when they unwrap a photo set of you, half dressed and posed seductively, thinking about them and only them! The gift of a boudoir photo set for that special someone is truly that gift that only you can give them.  There is no doubting that you didn’t just go to the store and pick out something that anyone could have.

Boudoir photography is the process of a photographer capturing a model in a way that appeals to a specific person.  The model is in control of the boudoir session, and discusses before the session what they are trying to accomplish and what the person they are shooting for would like.  The photographer’s job is to use their skills at lighting, photography, makeup and set design to create a scenario that would appeal to that person you are creating for.  If they are a golf fan, maybe the pictures will be of you semi-nude with golf clubs.  If they are a football fan, maybe you will be wearing only the jersey of their favorite team.  If they just like to look at you, then the photographer will work their magic to make you look like a supermodel.

The gift of boudoir photos as a holiday gift is sure to make that special person feel good about themselves, because they know that you went above and beyond to do this just for them.  The boudoir photos will also give you a gift as well, allowing you to see how beautiful you are, at the holiday time and year round.