Do you have a special person in your life that has everything and you cannot for the life of you figure out what to get for a gift? Well if that special person is a spouse or a significant other, how about getting them the gift of boudoir photography? No, we are not talking about buying them a gift certificate for a boudoir session themselves, but instead we are talking about getting boudoir photographs done of yourself as a gift for them.  The nicest thing about a boudoir photo session is that it is completely unique and one of a kind.  A boudoir photo set not only shows that you care about them, but also that you are thinking about them.  It is the kind of perfect gift that cannot be purchased in a store, the kind that only you can make for them.

So what are the steps of getting a boudoir photo set done as a gift for someone, and how can you start the process? First of all, you are going to have to contact a boudoir photographer.  Luckily if you are reading this you already know where to find one, and you know that you can trust us to do our very best with your session and photographs.  We are going to need to discuss who these photos are going to be for, and what that person finds erotic and sexy.  We are going to pick your brain as to the subtle things that they enjoy as well as the really obvious ones.  We are going to try and figure out what kinds of settings we can put you in, what kind of clothing and what kind of props that we can use in order to convey that fantasy the person has.  Even if it is the kind of thing that they have never verbalized, we are going to try and figure out what they like by discussing it with you.  Then we can discuss a time and place for the shoot to happen.

When we photograph you as a gift for another person, we are going to have you thinking about flirting with them as if they were there.  We want for you to communicate with them through the photographs, so it is an important part of the process for you to feel as though you are seducing them through the camera lens.  We are going to help you pose and put you in situations and lighting that accentuate your sexiest features, but nothing will translate better than you thinking about looking sexy and erotic just for them while we are taking your pictures.  After the session is completed, we will then edit the photographs to choose the best ones as well as cleaning them up to make them look exactly the way you think the person would like to see them.  The package of photographs is then presented to you in the way that you specify.  How you give your gift to your special person and when is up to you, but when you do it is going to be something they never expected!