Who is the best headshot photographer in Boston? We are of course, so when you need to get some new headshots done in order to complete your resume, make sure you contact us first to arrange a consultation. That being said, many people today consider attempting to do their headshots themselves, just because phones and digital cameras have come so far. While you may be able to take a pretty good selfie with your phone, there is almost no way that you are going to be able to do a headshot on your own that is going to get you any work. The reasons for this have more to do with the photographer than the camera, and even if your friend has a two thousand dollar DSLR you should probably not thrust him to do your headshots. The reason is simple, this is not for a post on social media, it is to be considered for a job.

When you are submitting your headshot and your resume for work in the entertainment industry, it is going into a pile with hundreds of other ones that are all equally hungry to get the gig. Someone is going to be tasked with narrowing the field of applicants down to a few that can be screen tested or interviewed by the people who will make a decision, and these people value their time.  They want the process to go as smoothly as possible, and they want it to go quickly. For this reason, the person who initially sees your headshot is probably not the person who will be making the final decision, instead it will be an administrator who has the job of eliminating everyone from consideration who does not fit certain criterion. If you don’t have the right look or experience, they will eliminate you. But they are also looking for more subtle things, like if you are professional or not, or can follow direction. If your headshot is not in line with the modern industry standards that are requested, you will be eliminated. If the photography does not show what they are looking for, or is of poor quality you will be eliminated. This is not personal, but instead is simply the process to weed out as many people as possible. This is why professional headshots by a seasoned headshot photographer are so critical. We know what the industry is looking for today, the latest trends in headshot and portrait photography, and the standards. We n how to get the images that they are looking for, and deliver them to you in the format you need for a resume within the entertainment industry. We have experience, and that is what is necessary to present you in the way that will get you work. If you take your craft seriously, then you need to present yourself seriously in your head shot. Anything else is a waste of your time, effort and money.