Photography in itself is an art form.  With the advent of camera phones and advanced editing software, the lines between a photographer and a person who takes good pictures may have grown closer together, but in reality the art of photography can never be replaced by advanced technology.  Yes, a new digital camera can give you a clear picture, and might even be able to blur out the background to give more of a “portrait” look, but the true art of photography lies in telling a story with an image.  This is where a photographer excels, and where people just snapping images with their phones can never compete.  A photographer sets up shots in order to tell a story or convey a message through the image, and envisions the scene that they attempt to capture before the photograph is ever taken, where a person who takes pictures just photographs what is in front of them.

A “boudoir photographer” is even more specialized, in that they are tasked with using their skills of lighting, set design, fashion and erotica to produce the image that is in someone else’s mind.  What this means is that boudoir photography is generally the process of taking a model and capturing them in a way that a person they are connected to will find alluring.  Most boudoir photography sessions are done as gifts either to a significant other or even to the model themselves, the point of the shoot being to illustrate the model in a way that is alluring to a particular person.  In order to accomplish this goal, the boudoir photographer must understand not only the concepts of photography in general, but must also understand the story that the model wants to tell.  They have to get inside the model’s head in order to get a sense of the visual that the model would want to present to their recipient.  The photographer then has to make that story happen visually through the arrangement of the model, the set, the props and the lighting in a way that will translate in a sensual way.  Then the photographer must capture that moment.

The world of boudoir photography is one of pure artistic pursuit, that puts the power of the visual in the hands of the model and trusts the photographer to use their skills to bring out the best of the elements.  The photographer may have one visual in their mind, but they must instead create a completely different visual if the model sees themselves differently, and this is the actual art of boudoir.  People present themselves in a totally different way during the day as they would when they are with their partner, and the boudoir photographer must understand what that hidden world looks like, them embellish it to make it even more erotic.  True boudoir photography is ultimately going to produce the images that the model wants, and probably never even thought possible.  The boudoir photographer creates the situation using the clues that they are given, and places the model into the center of the story.

Boudoir photography is art.