You’ve done the research. You’ve made the decision. You’ve chosen us as your photographer. Thanks! You’ve made the appointment. You’ve chosen your wardrobe. You’ve shaved, plucked and fluffed yourself. And now it’s time for the hard part. You have to walk through that door, meet two strangers, strip down to your unmentionables and step in front of the camera. Yikes! Are you crazy?

For many women, having a boudoir photo shoot, is a scary thing. Something so far out of their comfort zone that even their mate will be shocked to find out they did it. Believe me, we get it. We say that our first job when you walk into our studio is to make you comfortable with us. And our second job is to make you comfortable with yourself. That is often the harder part.

The fear and nervousness doesn’t just come from being in front of strangers in your underwear. Because really, it’s not that much different than a bathing suit. A big part of the discomfort comes from the worry that the photos won’t be great. That you won’t be good enough or pretty enough. That you’ll go through all of this and be disappointed with the results.

beautiful boudoir session

That’s not going to happen. Not only are we great at what we do, but you are amazing. You’re more beautiful than you think you are. You are super hot. And we have the best jobs because we get to show you that.

Here’s how it works:

We will send you an email with detailed directions to our studio because it can be a little tricky. There are pictures and everything because: photographers. You’ll read that email so that you can get to us with as little added stress as possible.

When you come inside we’ll sit down together and have a little talk. Just some getting-to-know-you type stuff. This is where we start to make you feel comfortable with us.

Next, we’ll ask you to show us what you’ve brought for the session: your lingerie, his tool belt, your favorite hat, etc. This way we can start to plan out the shoot.

And now it’s time. You’re going to get dressed (or undressed) in your first outfit and make your way out of the dressing room. Just breathe.

This is where the real fun starts. Some people have compared it to jumping out of an airplane. With a parachute, of course. At this point, our clients are often visibly shaking but that will wear off.

We are there for you every step of the way. We will coach you on posing and facial expression. Sara is there to help with wardrobe and hair. No twisted straps, no flyaways. You’re going to look amazing. We’ll start off slowly and after a few minutes we’ll show you some of the initial images on the camera screen. See? You can totally relax. You’re stunning. This is that part where we make you feel comfortable with yourself.

The chute has opened and now can relax and enjoy the rest of the session. There will be lots of different poses and some wardrobe changes. We want to hear your ideas. Did you find a pose on Pinterest that you love? Show us.

The hour will be up before you know it but you’ll leave us with a little rush of excitement and confidence. Try to make that feeling last. We should all feel that way every day.