Pregnancy is an amazing time. You are growing a human being inside your body. Creating life! How awesome is that? Building a family as a symbol of the love between you and your partner is deeply romantic.

I’ve heard tell that there are some women who skip through pregnancy looking like a pea on a toothpick and feeling like a walking personification of Mother Earth. But for most women this is not their reality.

pregnancy boudoir

I had two pretty easy pregnancies, but I can still remember the bloating and the swollen ankles and the mood swings and the nausea and more. Very little about being pregnant made me feel sexy.

But think about it for a moment, unless you’re a Duggar, this is like a tiny moment in the scope of your life. That time that you’re really pregnant, belly-full-with-child pregnant, is just a few months out of a life that will most likely span the better pat of a century.

Cherish it. Or at least create a memory of the good part. You are as beautiful now as you’ve ever been. Swollen ankles and all. You ARE Mother Earth! You are the creator of life!

Boudoir photography is about embracing and loving yourself as you are. It’s about feeling good about your body. Being comfortable in your skin.

Most women don’t think about boudoir and pregnancy going together. But when could you possibly need it more than when you start losing the ability to tie your own shoes? You have your moments when you feel like a beached whale, but you also have those moments, possibly more feeling, when you are amazed at your own body and the miraculous things it can do. Grab that last one and run with it. Straight to a boudoir photography shoot!

Boudoir photographers know bodies. And we know how to pose them to their best advantage, no matter their size or shape, and this includes pregnant bodies.

A great majority of women who come in for a shoot site their belly as a main trouble spot. During pregnancy it’s all about the belly. How great is that? You get to celebrate your belly. You couldn’t suck it in if your tried so just let it go. It feels great.

Traditional maternity photos may feature the belly but boudoir celebrates it. And can we talk about the girls? Because your boobs are probably looking pretty amazing by the third trimester. Barring surgery, it’s never getting better than this. Celebrate that too!

Don’t stress about the wardrobe. A couple of cute lacy panties and a pretty robe are really all you need. But if you want to go all out you can. Corsets aren’t going to work, but a lot of regular lingerie can work during pregnancy. The sizing may be just a bit different.

As with any other boudoir session, be yourself. That self that you carry around inside you. Maybe she’s the same one you show to everyone. Maybe you only show her to your mate. But she’s all you need to be.

Don’t feel like you need to live up to some Pinterest ideal of pregnancy. Embrace your inner Earth Mother no matter what form she takes. Celebrate your amazing body and capture these memories while they’re here.


HERE’S a link to our Pregnancy Boudoir Page.

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