The idea of having photographs taken of yourself as a gift to another person is not a novel concept, after all it has been happening since the first time you had your yearbook photo taken for school.  Having intimate photographs taken in order to please your significant other, or to please yourself, is another story entirely.  While you may have thought of it as a simple capturing of your image at a specific moment in time for all those other types of photographs that have been taken of you, boudoir photography is generally to do that same thing as well as to illustrate a point that you are trying to make.  The specifics of that point will vary from person to person, but the general idea is to portray yourself in a way that is generally not seen by others, including the recipient of your gift.  Boudoir photography is the exercise of owning your look, image, sexuality and message.  It is designed to capture you in a way that you see yourself, but your partner may not get to see every day.  It is the portrayal of you as a sensual and sexual being, which is seen far fewer times than it should because of all of the distractions of life.  Boudoir is allowing us to help you show yourself the way that your partner would love to see.

When you decide that you would like to give someone sexy photos of yourself, you have a few different choices on what to do.  The easiest thing you can do is snap a few selfies of yourself in various stages of undress, but what you are sending to your partner is just something that they see whenever you are intimate.  If you want to really present yourself in an erotic and sensual light, you are going to need some help setting up the scene and using the angles and lightning to capture your most erotic aspects, instead of a simple, flat photograph.  The difference between boudoir photography and sexy selfies is the same difference between Playboy and the photos that someone snapped yesterday at a party.  The professionalism of the photographer will shine through to create a scene that tells a story, instead of just taking a picture.  Your boudoir photographer is an expert in posing you so that the lighting is right, and everything that is beautiful that you want to show is showing.  They will also make sure that nothing that you do not want to show is showing!

Giving the gift of boudoir photographs to a partner is an exciting thing.  After all, you took the time and effort to have these images created for them to enjoy, and you are showing yourself to them in a way that is very private.  You might be doing this for nobody but yourself, just to prove to yourself that you still look sexy.  Either way, a boudoir photo shoot tells a story and proves a point, that you are still that gorgeous person that you haven’t let out in a while.