You know the excuses. We have heard them all. I just want to lose that last 10 pounds. I just had a baby 43 months ago. I have a pimple. I’ll wait until summer when I’ve got a little color. I should have done it 10 years ago before the drooping and the wrinkling. They all sound like great reasons to put off doing a boudoir session (or not do one at all), but they aren’t. Not really. Maybe you will lose those 10 pounds. Maybe you’ll get your pre baby body back. You did buy that gym membership on January 1st. You can do whatever you put your mind to. I believe in you. But you’re beautiful and sexy just the way you are now. You will never be this person again and you should love her just as much as you love that fantasy version of yourself you carry in your mind. We can help you do that through the magic of boudoir photography right here in the Boston area. Ok, that got really cheesy really fast. But stick with me.

When women first walk into our studio they’re nervous. Usually super nervous. Very few people get half naked in front of fully clothed strangers with cameras on a regular day. They walk into our door carrying all of the doubts and insecurities they’ve heaped on themselves. The media in our society has reduced our concept of beauty to a very narrow set of guidelines and we buy into it.

Many of our clients are doing this as a gift for a partner. But to us, boudoir photography is about the client and the feeling SHE can get from it. Just the act of doing something that scares you is a great confidence booster in itself. However, when our clients see the results, they often see themselves in a way they haven’t before (or maybe in a long time). They see themselves as beautiful. Someone worthy of spending time and money on.

boudoir shoes

We all need to learn to love and take care of ourselves in the same way we do for those around us. So own that baby weight and those stretch marks. They represent the fact that your body has grown and nurtured life. That’s amazing! Embrace those laugh lines. They show a lifetime of joy and laughter. Even the frown lines are important because those sad times have made you the strong woman you are today.

We have been doing boudoir photography in Boston for several years now and one of the best things about this area is the variety of women we get to work with. Some want the fantasy with the push up bra and the complicated lingerie. But the ones we love the most are the ones who want to capture the woman they are today in the best possible way. She won’t be here forever. We all change with time. And when you do you can come back to us and capture the beauty of the woman you are tomorrow. She’ll be awesome too.