You can probably notice the difference when you see the pictures, but might not be able to put your finger on exactly what it is that is different.  Boudoir photography is a genre of aft that is unique, and is very different than erotica or even sexy pictures.  It is most definitely not pornography, although without careful analysis we could see how the two could be mixed up.  The typical sexy pictures that people take and send to each other from their phones might have aspects of boudoir mixed into them every now and again, and erotica could be achieved with a boudoir photo session, but it is important to identify exactly what “boudoir photography” is in order to help our clients and potential clients to make the decision to use our services.  Boudoir is the capturing of a sensual mood or message by using combinations of visuals.  These elements might include a model, clothing, full nudity, partial nudity, props, settings, lighting and other elements that will create the impression that the photographer is trying to capture.  The word “boudoir” comes from the French word for a woman’s bedroom or dressing room, and “boudoir photography” evolved out of the art of capturing the intimate moments that a women (or man) would be having in this type of private setting.

When we do a boudoir photo session with a model, we are trying to convey the message that she or he has for the person they are doing the session for.  Our typical customer has someone in mind when they are taking the pictures, they are actually modeling for someone intimate to them and not for our camera.  They are attempting to illustrate that they are sensual and erotic, and present that image to their loved one.  Many times, there are reasons for getting boudoir photography done that go beyond the pictures themselves.  The model may be creating a gift for their partner.  They may be attempting to show someone that they are still just as sexy as they used to be.  They might be creating a portfolio for modeling and they may just want to see themselves in a way they have never seen themselves.  Overall, there is no single reason for getting a boudoir photo session done except for the fact that you want pictures of yourself that make you feel sexy and attractive.

So who is our typical customer? In reality, we don’t have a typical customer.  We get all types of people for all different types of reasons.  We get young women and older women, young men and older men, straight and gay and bi.  The only thing in common is that they want to have a photographer who knows the difference between pornography and boudoir photography, and who will make them feel comfortable having the photos done that they want to have done.  There is never any pressure to be naked if you do not want to be.  There is never any pressure to take the picture that you are not envisioning. We use our skills as artists to bring out the best in our models, and we want you to end up with photos that exceed your expectations.  What you do with them is your business, we won’t tell!