So you have decided to get a boudoir photo shoot done.  Maybe it is a gift for your special partner, or maybe it is just for yourself.  No matter why you are getting it done, the main thing to remember is that you are going to be having intimate photos of yourself done by a person who is not the person you are creating the photos for.  Naturally, anyone in this position would be at least a little nervous.  You are probably thinking about the fact that this photographer is going to see you in some stage of nudity, and maybe even completely naked.  You are probably nervous about looking seductive and sexy for a person who is holding a camera, after all this is nothing at all like being with a person you are trying to seduce.  You are in a room with at least one other person who is doing their job….so how are you going to be sexy and make good photographs if this isn’t the person you are trying to attract?

Yes, it is a weird scenario.  There is a very good chance that you have never had your picture taken before in a seductive pose or wearing less than your street clothes.  There is a very good chance that you are completely freaked out by the experience of having people looking at you and posing you.  Well the best way to help ease your nerves is to just relax and realize that the boudoir photographer is just a tool that you are using to create beautiful photographs for someone else.  The boudoir photographer, just like their camera, is a component in a process that you are in control of.  They are there to work with you in a way that will allow you to show your sensual and sexy side, and they are professionals who are doing their job.  They are not going to make you feel uncomfortable in any way, and they are not going to hit on you or make any advances toward you at all.  They are artists who are seeing your body as a piece of a picture, the same way that a painter sees the subject they are painting.  They are paying attention to shape and form, light and the background story that you have told them you want to tell.  They are there to make you look and feel completely beautiful and comfortable.

A really good boudoir photographer will never make you feel uncomfortable in any way, and will work with you to make sure that anything that you do not want to show never gets shown.  Their demeanor and the way they speak to you in order to give you poses will never make you feel as though they are looking at you in any way that is not professional.  Think about it the same way it is when you are undressed in front of your doctor, only a lot more fun! Boudoir photography will probably make you nervous at first, but within a short time most people feel completely at ease….and that is what makes for a great photograph.