You’ve decided you want to do a boudoir photo shoot. You’ve scheduled the appointment. The preparations begin. And then you think to yourself, “I haven’t a thing to wear!” Don’t panic. You’re probably wrong about that.

We have a lot of clients tell us they aren’t “the lingerie type.” And we even have clients tell us their mate isn’t really into lingerie. That’s okay. You don’t have to be and neither does your partner. A boudoir photo shoot isn’t about putting on a costume and playing make believe for an hour. It can be, if that’s what you want it to be, but our specialty is right there, front and center on everything we do: you. super hot.

We want your boudoir experience to be a personal one. It’s crazy and it’s scary and it’s not anything you ever thought you would do but it can still be about who you are. And the ways in which you are sexy.

If you think you look your best in boyshorts and a sports bra, then you should bring that to your shoot. If you partner loves to see you in cotton panties and a plain white tank top, bring it. And if you want to try something new to spice it up a bit, then do that too.

Your shoot is about you (and your mate, if that applies). We want you to feel comfortable, strong and beautiful. We want to help you create lasting images of how amazing you are right now.

Our clients have brought a wide variety of lingerie and other wardrobe choices to their photo shoots. One woman came for her first shoot with us and when we asked to see what she brought there was nothing to look at. She wanted full nude. Her images were amazing. She came back for a second shoot and brought some of her favorite lingerie. Those images were also fabulous.

Another client chose to wear a simple daily wear bra and panty set. Her favorite. She loves the way she looks in it. Someone else chose to wear a few of her favorite dresses. Sexy doesn’t have to be naked or even nearly naked. And we certainly have clients who own a wide variety of frilly, lacy and sheer little pieces that they bring to their shoot.

t shirt photo

If you do wish to venture beyond your usual unmentionables then go out and get some. Make sure whatever you bring is something you have tried on and feel comfortable in. Don’t bring things that you haven’t put on in a couple of years. Carve out a some time before you come to have a little private fashion show. Try everything on, again. Look at yourself in the mirror. Make sure it all fits the way it should. Standing in our dressing room is not the time to find out that your honeymoon teddy no longer fits the way it used to.

The important thing to remember is that this is about you. Super hot. And the hottest thing about you is confidence.