If you’re following this blog at all you probably already know a little bit about us. We specialize in boudoir photography in the Boston area. We are married. Twenty four years. Can you believe it? I know, it seems impossible. We look so young. Surely we were 12 when we got married. (I should stop.) We also have two kids. Dash is 16 and Magali is 13.

What you might not know is that we got involved in photography by taking pictures of our kids. Lots and lots of them. Every single day they’ve been alive. They may be the most photographed kids in the world. I’m not sure how to go about finding that out.

When our son, Dash, was born our families were scattered about the world. Florida, Paris, Las Vegas. Scattered. As new parents we knew that everyone would be just as enamored with our perfect offspring as we were so Felix devised a project to make sure they wouldn’t miss a single treasured moment. The Daily Dash was born just a few days after Dash was.

Felix decided to take a picture of Dash every day. Not the kind you see where they sit the kid in front of the same backdrop and take a mugshot that will become a study in the physical growth of the child. We wanted our families to experience our baby’s life as closely as if they were there. We wanted to capture the joys and thrills but also the mundane and the tears.

Every day Felix would snap a photo with our clunky 90’s point and shoot camera and send it out in an email to a short list of our inner circle. Over time, the list started to grow as more of our family and friends heard about the project and asked to be added. And then one day someone on the list asked if we would add their friend. Someone they worked with. A perfect stranger. And then our list started to grow beyond our own acquaintances. Felix was also beginning to hone his skills as a photographer and was moving past that crappy camera to a DSLR.


In 2003 two important things happened to us. Our daughter, Magali Dexter Rust, was born, turning the Daily Dash into the Daily Dash Dex, and we moved to a new community in Cambridge three days later. We moved three days after I gave birth. I don’t want anyone to miss that. One of our neighbors, Mark Ostow, is an amazing commercial photographer and he convinced Felix that other people would pay him to take pictures of their kids. He could turn this “little” project into a paying gig and, with Mark’s help, that’s exactly what he did.

Kids, families, pregnancy, weddings and boudoir photography. As soon as the kids were older I joined the business as his assistant. People often ask us how we can work together because they would kill their spouse if they had to do that. For us it’s not like that. We’ve ordered our lives so that we can spend as much time as possible with each other. I guess it’s not for everyone but it’s definitely for us.

The Daily Dash Dex continues to this day. Sixteen years and only one missed day when Felix had pneumonia. I will always be thankful for my man’s vision, creativity and perseverance in this project and I will never tire of looking back through the thousands of photos of our family’s life. It is not only a memoir of the growth of our children but also a documentation of his evolution as an artist. It is my most prized possession.

Here’s a link to the ongoing project:

The DailyDashDex

Still going every day 🙂


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