Headshot photography is not like other forms of photography. For most photographic sessions we are thinking about getting the best photographs possible that will capture the setting that you are currently in. For something like a wedding, we are trying to not only document the day but also translate the bond between the people. For portrait photography we are trying to accentuate the features of the person that they most enjoy, and hide the ones that they do not. Head shot photography needs to also consider all these things, but also serve the purpose of going along with your industry resume in order to get you considered for entertainment work. Just like any other job, those hiring people in the entertainment industry are looking for specific things in you to see if you fit the vision that the person doing the hiring is seeking. Chances are that there are a lot of other people trying to get the exact same gig as you, and there is going to be a stack of resumes and headshots that are being sorted through by administrators to narrow the list. Not every person who submits their headshots gets a call, and most end up in the garbage. The trick is to keep yours out of the trash, and in that consideration pile.

To get headshots professionally done is a necessary process for getting work. This is because there are very specific industry standards that are expected to be followed in the formatting of your headshots. If you do not follow that standard, there is a remote chance that you will stand out and be considered, but a far greater chance that the administrator will immediately eliminate you from consideration, and assume that you cannot follow direction very well.  Your headshot photographer has to know how to stay within that industry standard while also knowing the latest trends in headshots, so that you look modern and relevant without looking like you are going outside the norms that were asked for.  The headshot photographer must also understand the nuances of portrait photography and bring that to the headshot, making your distinctive features stand out while hiding the aspects that are less attractive. Your resume and head shot are what gets you into consideration, and opens the door for you to get in front of the right people to audition for parts. If your head shots ae not as good as the next person, you are just wasting your time and money. Only trust experienced headshot photographers like Felix and Sara, and make sure that you get those call backs instead of just ending up in the trash with all the rest. We have the experience necessary to get you the best headshots in the business, but the rest is up to you!