Boston is one of the entertainment hubs of the country, and while there may be more movies produced on the West Coast than here, there remains tremendous opportunities for entertainers within the city due to the fact that the thriving nightlife and city population continually call for entertainment and information. This means that there are entertainers needed, along with actors, musicians, newscasters and thousands of other employment opportunities for those who wish to be viewed by others as their employment. The major exposure of an entertainment job in Boston can also be a stepping stone towards even larger opportunities, and most people in the industry have heard the stories about major celebrities and talk show hosts who used to work as local weathermen or in small community theaters. What needs to be understood is that in order to operate within the entertainment world both in Boston and just about everywhere else, you are going to need to audition for the jobs that are being offered, and to do that you are going to need some killer headshots.

There is a specific procedure that is required in order to get work in the Boston entertainment industry, just like everywhere else. You are going to need to keep up with the latest casting calls by subscribing to any industry publication that posts opportunities for the type of work you are seeking. You are also going to need to keep up with social media outlets and also enlist the services of a manager who has access to the opportunities that are right for you. You are also going to need to get your resume together, as well as have a series of headshots taken. Headshot photography should not be taken lightly if you are serious about getting work. While the casting agents are going to be reviewing your resume to see what types of work you have done, more important to them is the way you look, and if you fit the ideas that they have as far as this particular character or job. The entertainment industry is a visual one for the most part, and youa re going to need an honest presentation of the way you look that will also accentuate your good features. Headshot photography should be performed by a professional who is familiar with the methods that are necessary in order to produce the types of images that are required. The headshot photographer needs to not only understand portrait lightning, but also the poses that are necessary in order to provide you with the hear=dshots that are required by the industry. If you are submitting headshots that are not within the standard specifications, you are probably being passed over because you are either not serious, or you do not understand how to take direction. Both of these assumptions will cost you jobs, so it is far better to simply hire the best headshot photographer you can find, and give the agents what they are looking for. You must work within the specific requests of the industry in order to be considered, so keep this in mind when you are putting together your presentation package. It might seem creative to you to go outside of the norms, but if you might lose work because of it then it isn’t worth the risks. There’s a lot of entertainers in Boston that are also competing for this job, don’t take yourself out of the running with a bad headshot.