There are a lot of photographers in Boston, most of whom are doing good work. Many times we are asked why we should be your photographer of choice for head shots, and the answer is actually the same one as the other forms of photography that we offer, that we specialize in them. While “photography” itself is the skill set of understanding how to operate the camera that you are using, and how to utilize it’s functions in order to capture images, the specifics of types of photography go beyond the basic functionality of a camera. Essentially, this means that if you specialize in a certain aspect or type of photography you must understand what the use of the images will be, and create images that are appropriate for that usage. In the example of wedding photography, we are capturing the ceremony and moments when two people are joined as a couple, along with all the emotion that goes with it. The presentation of the images must convey this emotion through the use of lighting and angles, as well as other tools that the photographer uses. The presentation will typically be albums and individual photos that are saved for periodic viewing in the future, and all these elements must be considered while the photographer is working. It is the difference between photography and “snapping pictures.”

With the example of “head shot photography,” the usage of the images that are captured will be to submit to casting agents and managers in order to be considered for entertainment work. The images are submitted as part of the resume and interview process, and are designed to show the look of the entertainer in order to narrow large pools of submissions down to the appropriate look and resume for this job. The casting agents are looking for something specific for each job, and in order to be considered you must show these particular characteristics on your head shot. While there is no way to know what each individual agent is seeking, the head shot photographer must understand the correct methods that will illustrate the features of this particular person, and ultimately frame them in a way that is attractive. This must be accomplished within a relatively standardized layout of the prints themselves, this layout changing over time so as to follow trends in the industry, but not deviating from the norms that have been established. The head shot itself is not to stray outside of the norms that agents are asking, but are to use photographic skills to highlight features without being overly manipulated. A head shot photographer must understand not only these norms but also the trends within the entertainment industry, so as to create a presentation of the person that is attractive, modern and useful. We specialize in head shot photography, and have a long history of providing head shots for potential entertainers to use as part of their resumes. Because of our combination of experience and photographic skill, you can trust us to produce head shot that get jobs, and that is the ultimate goal of the process!