Today we’re going to talk about a topic we’ve covered before on the blog: fit. Fit is so important when considering your wardrobe for a shoot. Depending on the type of garment it can be make or break the whole thing. With bralettes and slinky négligés it’s not as much of an issue as it is with traditional bras or lingerie with fitted areas.

In a previous post we talked extensively about how to make sure your bras fit properly. If you haven’t read that post you really should. You can find it HERE.

The main offender in bras is the cup size. Since cup size is a relative thing that varies with the size of the band it can be trickier. And, as with pant and dress sizes, women can get caught up with the numbers. Or, in this case, letters. You think you should wear a C cup. Your best friend wears a C cup and your girls are about the same size as hers. But if your band size is smaller you may wear a D, DD or DDD. It sounds huge, but its all about the band size. Cup size changes in relation to band size. So it’s important to worry about the visual fit and not the designated size of the garment. 

There are two main issues that can arise from an ill fitting bra: gaping and the dreaded “extra boobs.” Gaping is exactly what it sounds like and is most common in women with smaller breasts. If you look down and see a space between your bra and your chest, you are not wearing the proper cup size. While you may not find this to be an issue under your clothing, it can be a real difficulty during a boudoir shoot when there is nothing between you bra and the camera. 

Now we talk about the dreaded “extra boobs.” This one is more likely to happen to our better endowed sisters. If you have larger breasts and your cup size is too small it can cause the surplus to spill over the top of the bra cup. This can be quite the attractive occupancy in a corset (the whole stereotypical heaving blossom of romance novels) but in a modern bra the effects can be quite cringe worthy. Extra boobs! This phenomenon can actually give the appearance of an extra set of breasts above your actual breasts. I’m sure I don’t have to explain why this might not be a desirable look for a boudoir session. 

So…the moral of this story is to try everything on. Make sure it fits before you buy it. Make sure it still fits before you bring it to your session. Many lingerie shops and departments have professionals ready to measure you to get the right fit. Do it. It might feel strange and awkward to have a stranger all up in your boobs but it will be a good warm up for your photo session. After all of that close contact with a sales lady your boudoir session will be a breeze!

– sara