We’ve talked a lot about boudoir photography for women and we’ve even talked a little bit about boudoir photography for men. What we haven’t really talked about is couples. It’s been really hard for me to get this blogpost going because it’s way to easy to sound corny when talking about the subject. 

Capture your love. Ew. See? It’s hard to really get the idea of couples boudoir out there without going to that cheesy place. But I’m going to try. 

couples boudoir

We’ve done a lot of different types of portrait photography in our career in the Boston area. One of the things we always enjoyed doing is engagement shoots. In fact, we’ve had a policy for a long time that we won’t even shoot a wedding without first shooting an engagement session. It allows the couple to get to know us and our shooting style. And, to be honest, these are the images that really show a couple’s relationship. The wedding is great and definitely needs to be captured, but that’s an event, a production staged for family and friends. The engagement session gets to the heart of the couple. Who they really are. 

This is what we like to do with couples boudoir. We want to capture the connection between two people. We want to show who they are together in their private moments. You and your mate are amazing together. We can provide you with visible proof.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been together for 30 years or just a fraction of that. A boudoir type shoot together will bring you even closer. You get an hour to concentrate on each other and yourselves as a couple. Your everyday lives are filled with things like work and chores and kids. It’s good to have time to just be together without all of that other stuff. A boudoir shoot will pull you out of the everyday and into a new and exciting experience. 

couples photography
same sex couples photography

And it will be all about the two of you. We can tailor the session for you. We can provide advice on wardrobe and props and we are experts at posing. Your shoot can be as tame or as sexy as the two of you are comfortable with. You can be holding hands or tangled up in the sheets together. Whatever is right for you. 

You’re in love and you want that love to last forever. Most relationships have their ups and downs. In the midst of difficulties you could light that unity candle from your wedding or you could pull out those images from your couples boudoir session and remember that connection. The passion you have for each other will be evident in the photos. That’s way better than a candle. It’s practically couples therapy. 

I wrote once before about how boudoir brings couples together. Couples boudoir is even better for that. 

Schedule a day for just the two of you. Take off work. Get a sitter. Maybe have some couples massages or facials. Pamper your relationship for the day. And make sure there’s a couples boudoir appointment to capture the feeling of the day with photos you’ll have forever. 



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Even if you’re still on the fence 🙂