On that fateful day on March 1, 2015 I committed to my booking with Felix and Sara. I was a mix of excited and terrified, kind of how I am feeling now that I’m 20 weeks pregnant.

I had been looking to do a boudoir shoot for my fiance but whenever I scoped out certain sites I was always left feeling underwhelmed. Then I came across Felix and Sara Boudoir Photographers. I went to their site and I thought, whoa! How could I possibly look like that? But then as I browsed their gallery I found such a diverse group of beautiful women and even some men and I loved how they captured their beauty and attractiveness from within with a simple photo. If a pictures says a thousand words, a Felix and Sara photoshoot screams a million, holy hells and god daaaaaaaamns!

red umbrella sexy boudoir photo

So I purchased a session. But why? Just because? Well, I had recently reached my goal of losing over 40lbs in the course of the past couple years and keeping it off, but more importantly, I was marrying my soulmate, my best friend, the other half of Team Timber, my husband, Tim. I’d become an expert on pinning the best of the best ideas for the wedding including the best groom’s gift ideas and boudoir just kept coming up there. Even my amazing mother-in-law sent me the idea, so I was on the hunt, and with Felix and Sara I scored the jackpot. But purchasing the daily deal was only the first step, then I had to book my appointment, and then actually show up…..what would I wear? Felix and Sara had me covered there with an amazing list of FAQs to let me know what I could expect, what I was in for, and that they were there if I had any questions at all. While this totally helped ease my mind a bit, I’m not going to lie, I was still incredibly nervous. Not because I’m modest, because I most certainly am not, but this was definitely branching outside of my comfort zone. Plus, how do you start to feel sexy? I get called cute a lot but not sure I can bring the sexy. Well, let me tell you, it was brought, with the help of Felix and Sara of course.

What made me more comfortable is that I could bring a friend! So many of the sites I had researched, because yes, I am a nerd and I research everything….would not allow for you to bring anyone to the shoot or the viewing session. So, in preparation of my appointment I scoped out the look and outfits I wanted to go for.

I love a good vintage pin-up so that is definitely that part I wanted to play for the day, and I don’t want to toot my own horn and say I nailed it, but toot toot! My husband was in the Army deployed in Iraq so I was also able to steal/borrow one of his Army Jackets for my shoot, it was perfect as a homage to him and also in the fact that I was stealing his last name that happened to also be on the jacket. Since I was getting married and all I did opt for a bridal vibe with a nice corset, Tim and I both love to cook so I had to go with a cooking theme, I had got my hands on a killer vintage apron so I rocked that with a rolling pin that I borrowed from a neighbor. Let’s just say I didn’t tell them why I was borrowing it. Yes, I am totally baking cookies….

Having my friend there helped with the nerves but it also helped with the props as well, my friend is not just any girl, she’s quirky like me and happened to have multiple parasols in her trunk, because that’s typical, so that also got brought into the shoot, because why not? Having her there also helped me get in and out of clothing even faster so I could get even more outfits in within the hour. It’s so funny, because we got so much in, but yet it is so surprising how fast it goes by, and even after all of the nervous energy and partial dreading up to the very minute of walking into their studio, once it was all over, I wanted to do it all over again! And you bet your sweet pippy I will, especially now that I have a baby on board, Felix and Sara will most definitely capture me in all my baby belly glory, and probably get me when I feel anything but sexy, but that inner goddess will come out of their lens once again.

But what happened after my first shoot? Well, I had the viewing session the very next day half hoping I wouldn’t really like the images because I just wanted to be able to pick the one image which was part of the daily deal and be done with it. However, then I saw the album they put together and I didn’t want those photos, I needed those photos! Yes, they were expensive, but this is multitude of beautiful moments capturing, beautiful me, that I had to invest in for myself and my husband, it was just the right thing to do. I picked out the perfect album embellishments a gorgeous orange silk hardcover album to go with our wedding colors.

classic pin up boudoir

Shortly after our session I received the digital files as well as an app featuring a collage of my images, I wanted to show everyone, especially my husband! How was I going to keep this secret for 6+months?! I managed to tell and show many of my friends when my husband was not around, I also managed to inspire a few other friends to follow a similar suit and capture their beauty with their own shoot, but most importantly, I kept the secret until our wedding day on September 26, 2015! I gave my husband the gift the night of our rehearsal dinner with instructions to open when he was alone, not because I was really bashful of the photos but that’s just not a moment his parents or sisters needed to be in on. Shortly after opening it he called me right away saying holy hell and god damn, you’re hot, I cannot wait for tonight! Things I already knew he felt, but it felt so good to give him that gift and see how awesome and proud it made him feel. After contacting me he proceeded to proclaim on Facebook how hot his soon-to-be wife was with a photo from my shoot. Now, there’s a framed image in his office along with the album for him to browse. I still have the app on my phone and I will happily show anyone that wants to see it, not because I’m vain, but I am proud of those photos, how they made me feel, how they captured the true me, and most importantly the inspiration they give to others to find that beauty within them as well. For all of these reasons and more, is why I jumped at the opportunity to work as a Marketing Manager for Felix and Sara just under a year later, I am beyond passionate about the beautiful art they create and how they can make me and you feel super hot every damn day.


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classic sexy photo