At some point in every relationship, things begin to become kind of routine.  Not necessarily that either person is bored, just that the grind of daily life, work, kids and responsibilities starts to take priority over the fun of the relationship.  People feel overwhelmed today, and one of the last things that you are thinking about when you have a million things to accomplish is keeping your relationship entertaining.  Even though one member is probably just as guilty as the other member about starting to feel less motivated to entice their partner, you both might have moments throughout the day when you think about the fact that you used to really find them attractive, to the point of prioritizing being with them over even the biggest of responsibilities.  It is the stuff that we did when we were young, that we would rather get fired from a job than not spend that extra long weekend on a beach somewhere.  It was what romance was all about when we were young, not getting enough sleep because you don’t want the night to end.  Thinking about doing things that will arouse your partner.  Dressing up just because you know they like the way you look.  After years of being with another person, you start to have less and less energy for these types of activities.  This is generally where the discussions of “not finding them attractive any more” happen, when one person (or both) start to notice that it seemed like their partner used to try to arouse them….and now they don’t.

This is not a criticism, it happens to everyone.  Very few couples keep the same level of intensity as they did when they were first together.  After a while, the life you have built together and the responsibilities that you have just start to take all of your time.  This is where you will sometimes start to think of ways to “spice up your relationship.” When we talk about that, what we are actually saying is that we are trying to think of ways to create excitement in being together again.  We are trying to make moments in the day feel like you are the only two people, and that you are attractive to your partner.  You want your mate to look at you like they used to look at you.  That’s where boudoir photography can do wonders.

This is not to say that a boudoir photo session is going to save a failing marriage, or to eliminate any problems that you are facing.  It is saying that boudoir photography is the process of setting time and effort aside to making yourself look beautiful and sexy.  Even if you only have the energy just to show up, the job of the boudoir photographer is to get your makeup done in a way that is erotic, to get your hair perfect and to put together clothing and scenes that your partner and you find to be sensual.  The boudoir photographer looks at you through the camera lens in order to make sure that all of the little mistakes that make a photograph less than perfect are not there, and then they capture that beautiful and sensual image of you.  The boudoir photographer’s job is to understand what your partner finds attractive, and give them that visual using you, your face and your body.  Will a boudoir photography session spice up your marriage? That remains to be seen, but it is definitely a step in the right direction.