Sunday July 9th 10am-5pm

343 Medford Street Somerville MA

In this day long workshop (Sunday July 9th 10am-5pm) Boston’s best and most humble boudoir photographers, Felix and Sara, will teach you first hand every single aspect of their successful boudoir business including:

  1. How to design your website
  2. How to ease clients into the booking process
  3. How to meet with clients
  4. Planning a shoot
  5. Posing, lighting, angles
  6. Making all different body types look amazing
  7. Efficient editing
  8. Processing and post production
  9. Album design
  10. Sales sessions
  11. Order fulfillment
  12. Packaging and shipping
  13. Marketing, marketing, marketing 🙂

We will have a live model and will demonstrate every single step in our process. We will also reveal all our source partners (printers, album companies, software we use, etc.) You can take notes, ask questions, try to distract us by throwing small objects, etc.

We plan on 10am to 5pm with an hour lunch break. But we’ll go until you really get a handle on how to run your boudoir photography business and what to do next to make it succeed.

The cost is only $400 for the whole day. 

You won’t need anything except something with which to take notes. And maybe a snack. And maybe some water- come on, hydrate people!

Sign up by clicking the bold 9 on the calendar below and follow the directions from there. Limited space available. Save years of mistakes and frustration by learning from our years of mistakes and frustration. We wish we had all this information when we started 🙁

But we love sharing 🙂