We’re back on the blog. It’s been a long summer (just the way I like them) but it’s time to get back to the things we let slide during those lazy summer months.

And on that topic: When’s the last time you had your pictures taken? I’m not talking selfies or cell phone pics while you’re hanging out with friends. When was it? Your wedding photos? A headshot for your LinkedIn? School picture day?! I know most people don’t enjoy having their photo taken. Unless you’re from my daughter’s generation. Thirteen year old girls take more selfies in a day than most of us have had photos taken in the last 10 years. You may think you’d rather go to the dentist, but it’s time. You need to do this.

But…boudoir? That seems a little extreme. But it doesn’t have to be. Your boudoir session can be as tame or as wild as you like. Or even a mixture of both and everything in between. Boudoir is all about making you feel great about yourself and capturing who you are right now.

Most women come into their boudoir session nervous. Really nervous. Unless you’re a Victoria’s Secret Angel this is not something most people do on a regular basis. It’s scary to strip down to your underwear for a stranger with a camera so we like to tell our clients that they could start out a little more covered up. Often that means a robe or some other coverup, but it cold mean something more,

Why not bring your favorite outfit? The jeans that make your butt look fabulous or that amazing dress you wore on New Year’s Eve and everyone told you how great you looked. We could start your boudoir session fully clothed! You’ll have some time to get more comfortable with us and the camera and you’ll have some photos you could show Nanna. Her birthday is probably right around the corner anyway. Perfect gift.

You’re there at our beautiful studio, there’s great lighting, a professional photographer and you’re all set for photos. Hair and makeup just right. You should take full advantage. Before we get to the lacy negligĂ©e or the cute teddy, we can do some amazing portraits. They will be far better than any school picture you’ve ever had done and they could come in very handy.

With a couple of great portraits you’ll not only have Nanna’s birthday covered but also Mom’s. You could have a new Facebook profile picture or even something for an online dating site. We’ve done our research in that area and we know what gets the clicks. If you need some help there, we’ve got you covered.


Few women these days ever even think about having a portrait of themselves done, but they really should. And you’re coming to see us anyway. So when you are preparing for your boudoir shoot and you’re deciding which lingerie to bring, throw in something a little LESS sexy. Whether it’s casual or dressy just make sure it’s you. Because this is all about you. Super hot.

— sara