The holiday season is upon us, and the majority of people in Boston are beginning to start the process of shopping for that perfect gift for a long list of people.  You are going to have to find something boring but practical for your dad, like socks or a tie.  You are going to have to find something that shows that your thought about it for your mom, like a new sweater or a cappuccino maker, and of course you are going to have to buy toys for your brother or sister’s kids.  You expect to spend your weekends and probably nights too either at the mall or online looking for what is the latest and coolest gift that you can give to each of these people.  While it is important to give them something that they want, every person who is shopping at this time of year thinks back to the days of giving people something personal.  Remember the days when you made people gifts?  What ever happened to giving people you care about something that you created yourself?

There is probably one person in your life that isn’t like the others with regards to the gifts you give them.  Your partner in life would probably enjoy something a little sexier than the typical things that you give that are practical.  Think about it, you have always joked about buying some sexy underwear and it being a gift for him instead of you, or buying that pair of pants that is “fashionable” so that you look good for her, even though it isn’t something you would typically buy for yourself.  How about giving your partner something this year that is completely personal, and is something that you created yourself for them.  How about giving them a gift that nobody else can possibly give them, and one that took you thinking specifically about them in order to create? Why not give them the gift of boudoir photos of you?

A boudoir photo session is one where you work with the photographer to set up a scenario where you are modeling specifically for your partner.  When you discuss the boudoir shoot with the photographer, we are going to ask you about what that person’s likes and dislikes are.  We are going to figure out ways to take that person’s things that they enjoy and put you into the center of it all.  We are going to provide professional lighting, hair and makeup.  We are going to make you into that model that your partner looks at and finds totally erotic.  We are going to make you into their personal pinup.

Boudoir photo shoots as gifts are always  perfect way to let a person know that you care about them, and that you want them to find you sexy and attractive.  A boudoir photo shoot is you flirting with them through the camera, and the photographer using their skills to translate what you are saying.  A boudoir photo shoot is the perfect gift for the person who already has everything, but maybe doesn’t get to see it every day! Your partner already has you, but a boudoir gift lets them see what you can be too.