What Is Boudoir Photography?

It has come to our knowledge that there may be a misconception about what exactly “boudoir photography” is, and what you can expect from a boudoir photography session with Felix and Sara. The word “boudoir” is French, and refers to a lady’s bedroom or private dressing room.  The photography that would be produced in a private setting where an elegant woman is getting dressed, or at least the idea of what that setting would look like to a person looking into it, is the concept behind boudoir. The idea is for the photographer to use his or her skills manipulating light, props, imagery, settings and the natural curves of the body in order to produce photographs that capture the sensuality of an intimate moment. This is where Felix and Sara show their creative genius, creating an environment that is sensual, erotic, sexy and beautiful….and then placing a model into it in a way that creates a complete erotic scene.  Most people understand the difference between boudoir photography and a regular sexy photo when they see it, but they might not be able to describe what makes one photo sensual and the other simply sexy.  Boudoir photography is the creation of that sensual photo, using you as the model.

Why do people choose to have boudoir photography sessions done? There is no exact answer to that question.  Some are going to simply want to capture themselves at a specific moment in their lives, for whatever reason is important to them.  Others want to give a gift of themselves to a significant other, showing themselves in a way that they do not typically see themselves.  Some want to present a gift to their spouse on their wedding night, and others want to capture the beauty and sensuality of their pregnancy.  There are no specific reasons that a person would want to model for a boudoir photographer, other than that for a reason known only to them they want to show themselves as sensual and erotic.

Is boudoir photography “pornography?” Absolutely not, as a matter of fact it is the furthest thing from pornography.  The overwhelming majority of boudoir photo shoots involve only partial nudity, if any nudity at all.  It is the choice of the model as to how they are presented, and you will only be naked if that is the way you want your pictures to look.  There is almost never any sex involved in most boudoir photo shoots, once again it only being involved if that is what the model wanted to present.  Pornography is the presentation of raw sex in a way that strangers looking at a picture would enjoy, and boudoir is the presentation of sensuality in a way that the model enjoys.

Does all boudoir photography take place in a bedroom setting? Absolutely not, as a matter of fact good boudoir photography strives to create erotic images within spaces that you might not typically see as erotic.  We attempt to capture that feeling that you have when you are in a regular setting doing something that has never been erotic before, and suddenly your lover sees the light hitting your body in a way that accentuates your sexuality.  Think of it as an erotic novel come to life, and you are the star.

So what should I expect from a boudoir photo session with Felix and Sara? You can expect that we are going to show the most beautiful aspects of you, the ones you might not even have ever seen yourself, and we are going to present them in a way that makes you happy.  It is our job to make you feel better about your beauty than you have ever felt before, and we leave it to you to choose who you show it to!  Boudoir is the combination of an experienced photographer who knows how to help you pose, the types of settings, outfits and props that are going to accomplish the vision that you have for yourself.


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