Self-esteem is an issue that many people all over the world deal with on a regular basis.  We are forced every day to see images and videos featuring people who are supposed to be the pinnacles of beauty, and who the rest of society should take their cues from.  Unfortunately these people are generally shown with nearly unattainable features and body types, and unbeknownst to us many of them are actually photoshopped themselves in order to look even more perfect.  While this does present a beauty standard to work toward, it generally serves to provide a feeling of inadequacy on our part.  Quite simply, looking at imagery of people that are considered beautiful makes us feel less beautiful by comparison.  In today’s world, we are bombarded on a moment to moment basis by these types of images, making us feel worse about ourselves daily.

There are ways to deal with self-esteem issues, generally centering around accepting yourself and feeling good about yourself.  One of the difficulties in this process is believing that you are in fact beautiful.  When we look in the mirror we tend to see only our flaws and concentrate on them, and rarely do we have others around us to assist us in the presentation of ourselves as beautiful.  This is where boudoir photography can be so powerful.  The boudoir photographer is not using you as a model to try and translate an image that they are trying to create, and instead are concentrating on the image that you are trying to create.  The job of the boudoir photographer is to present you in the best way possible, drawing attention to the beauty that you might not even realize you have.  The boudoir photographer sees the aspects of you that are unique and frames them in a way that allows you to see yourself the same way.

A boudoir photography session is unique from a photographic standpoint.  Generally the photographer is framing a picture in their mind that they want to create, and the model is part of that image in the same way that the props and lighting are.  In a boudoir photo session the photographer is attempting to create the image that is in the model’s mind, due to the fact that the images are not for the public and instead are designed to appeal to a particular person.  That person might be a significant other or could even be the model themselves, but the job of the boudoir photographer is to translate the vision that the model has, using the skills and tools that they have.  Think of it as a painter painting a picture that is being described by someone else, and instead of envisioning it in their ind they are trying to translate it from someone else’s mind.  This is why communication is so crucial to the boudoir process, the photographer has to understand what is attractive to the subject and what story they are trying to tell.  When it all comes together, a boudoir photo shoot can make you feel and look like a professional model, and seeing yourself like that can do wonders for your self-esteem.