Boudoir photography is a style of photography that utilizes lighting, camera angles and techniques and props to simulate an erotic experience between the model and the viewer of the photograph.  The original style was developed by artists taking from the French concept of “boudoir art” which attempts to convey the model in an intimate setting like a dressing room or bedroom, and also make the viewer feel as though they were gazing upon a scene that is off limits to the public.  As a viewer, you are supposed to feel as though you are either viewing something that you are not supposed to be seeing, or that you are viewing something that only the model and yourself are sharing.  Either way, the idea is to make the viewer of the photograph feel as though they are part of the scene, like they were in the room when the picture was taken.  Because the model is generally in various stages of undress or in an erotic pose, the desired feeling of intimacy is achieved.

Boudoir photography has become more than an art form that photographers work with in an attempt to create visuals for their own expression, and has evolved into a business that is designed to assist models in putting forth their own vision.  Boudoir photographers are called upon to use their skill set to translate the artistic vision of the model to a person or persons that the model is attempting to communicate with.  Instead of the photographer being in control of the dialog as is usually the case, the model conveys what she or he wants to be translated to the photographer, who then executes that vision as best they can.  This dialog is usually between a model and their partner, with the model attempting to display to the partner that they are attractive and erotic in a way that is not seen each and every day.  Boudoir photography has moved past the photographer working with a professional model to create sensual pictures, and has evolved to amateur models creating the vision that they want to convey to others for their own reasons.  At the end of the day, the model is in complete control and the photographer’s job is to create the vision that the model desires.

So why should you work with a boudoir photographer? The answer is simple.  If you want to create images and pictures that show you to your partner in a way that they might not see every day, and in a way that is playful, fun and erotic, then boudoir photography is for you.  Most people who contract the services of boudoir photographers are not professional models, and instead are generally middle aged married men and women (or people in committed relationships) who just want to give their partners the gift of seeing them in a sexy way.  They want to be the person that the partner looks at and finds attractive, even when it might feel like things have become a little less attractive than they used to be.  A great boudoir photographer will find that sensuality in you, and create the images that you want to give to your partner.  A great boudoir photographer makes you feel sexy, even if it is only for yourself and nobody else.