Boudoir photography is a specialized form of photography.  Because of the differences between the two, additional training and attention to detail is necessary within boudoir that is not necessary in traditional forms.  While the mechanics of the creation of visual imagery is the same, always involving subjects, backgrounds and lighting, boudoir puts the model at the center of the process instead of the photographer.  It is very much like a painter attempting to use the skills of painting to translate the vision that is being described to them by someone else, instead of what is visually in front of them or in their own head.  The boudoir photographer must also listen to their subject, and attempt to artistically portray the ideas of a different person.

A typical photographic session involves a photographer and a model, with the photographer structuring the scene and instructing the model to pose in a way that conveys the story that the photographer is trying to tell.  The photographer sees the image in their mind, then works toward translating that vision into a photograph.  A boudoir photographer has a more difficult job because they are using their skills not only with a camera and lighting or scenery, but also their skills at understanding how to take the direction of the model and translate it into stunning imagery.  The model themselves may not even have a good idea of what they are trying to convey, as they are many times creating the boudoir photographs for someone else.  The model needs to think about what is sexy to the person that they are doing the shoot for, then they need to convey that information to the photographer.  The boudoir photographer needs to take that information and create an artistically pleasing image from it, and including it.  There are many different types of boudoir photo shoots, some involving costumes and outfits as well as props, and some simply involving the model themselves within a certain scene.  This is the art of boudoir, creating something that will not only please the person the shoot is producing photographs for, but also the model themselves.  Because they are in control, there is another level of artistic skills that need to come into play if one is to successfully shoot boudoir.

Most importantly, boudoir photography is about making the model comfortable not only with the shoot, but comfortable with themselves.  Many people will have boudoir shoots done because they are feeling less than as beautiful or as good looking as they once did, and simply want a little bit of professional help to recapture that eroticism that they used to feel.  Sometimes it is to show their significant other that they are still as sexy as they used to be, and just don’t get a chance to show it every day.  Sometimes it is just for them.  Whatever the reason behind the model wanting to have pictures taken in this way, it is only an experienced boudoir photographer that is going to be able to translate the message, as well as the photos.