Lets face it, we all are constantly getting older.  There is no stopping time from marching on, but there is no reason to let time make you feel bad about yourself and the way you look.  Yes, when you were younger you were attractive, but why is it that as we get older we are lead to believe that we are becoming less attractive? The point of the matter is that media consistently uses youth to convey beauty, so we rarely get exposed to presentations of beautiful people who are outside of the age range that is portrayed in commercials, on tv or in movies.  Unfortunately, there is probably even less of a presentation of women over 40 in the media as beautiful than men, because there has always been the idea that men get more attractive as they age and gain experience, whereas women are presented like they peak at 21 and become less attractive from there.  While there is little we can do about the media and how they present both men and women over 40, we do have the ability to capture that attractiveness that still exists on our own.

It might not be age that makes couples become less excited about the way each other look over time, and instead it may be that they see each other each and every day.  After 10, 20 or 40 years of being together, couples no longer have much about each other that is mysterious.  Think back on when you were dating, and didn’t know everything about each other.  There was an excitement there of the unknown, and an interest in getting to know those things about each other.  You saw each other only at your best, with your favorite way of presenting yourself on display.  You TRIED to be attractive to your potential partner.  Unfortunately, as time goes by many people start to prioritize other aspects of life over and above being attractive to their partner, and even to themselves.  They simply decide that it is not a priority any more, because they have already done the work of landing a mate.  While those other aspects of life are certainly important, it has to be stated that being attractive to your partner (and yourself) is also important.

People over 40 are just as physically attractive to others as they were when they were younger, they just might need to be reminded of that fact from time to time.  One of the best ways to do that is to allow yourself to be photographed in a way that still presents you as a sexaul, erotic, sensual and attractive person.  Allow a photographer who understands boudoir photography to show you how to pose, how to hold yourself and how to look seductive in a picture.  Give those photos to your partner (r just keep them for yourself) to show them how sexy that you can look.  Let them know that you did this for them, so that they could see you outside of the daily distractions.  Let them know that you are the same sexy, erotic and wild creature that you used to be….you just need to take a little time to show it every now and then.  We assure you that the results will remind you of that person you used to be….and still are.