Boudoir photographs are specifically designed to show the model in an intimate position, either in various stages of undress or in poses that may convey sexiness or erotica.  Because of the intimate nature of the images themselves, many people ask the question “is boudoir photography done for the model or for other people?” The easiest way to answer the question is that boudoir photography is done for the same reasons that any style of photography is done, and that there is no single reason why a person would choose to have a boudoir session done.  While photography itself is done for many reasons ranging from artistic presentations to the simple capturing of the way people looked at a specific period in time, boudoir is essentially the same.  The only real differences are that boudoir photos are produced specifically to show the model in an intimate setting where photographs would not normally have been taken, and that the model themselves are the ones controlling the scene.  Boudoir photography is different that most other forms of photography in that the model is actually the artist who is trying to convey a message in the visuals that are produced, instead of the photographer.  In a typical photo shoot, the model is simply another prop that is positioned into the set along with props and the background in order to achieve the vision that the photographer has in mind.  In a boudoir photo shoot, the model has discussed with the photographer what they would like to see (or what someone else would like to see) and it is the job of the photographer to use their tools and skills to produce that picture.  In most cases, the model does not have the technical skill to produce the images themselves, which is why they are hiring a better photographer than themselves to translate their vision.  What exactly is the model’s motivation for wanting these photos done of herself or himself? Only the model can answer that.

Many people have boudoir photo sessions done because they want to give a gift to someone special in their lives.  They want to present themselves in a way that they believe another person would find erotic.  In this way, the boudoir photo session is being done for a person that the photographer has never met, and that photographer must then translate the vision of a total stranger as described by the model to them! In other cases, the model is simply having the photos done for themselves, just to look and feel sexy.  Maybe they will show those photos to others, and maybe they will never show them to anyone else and only look at them themselves.  The actual purpose of the photos is completely individual, and once again the boudoir photographer must understand why they are taking these pictures in order to fully translate the vision of the model into photographs.

Ultimately, in order to produce great boudoir photos a photographer and model must communicate.  You must let them know what you are looking for, so that they can use their skills and artistic eye to bring it to life.  Many people react when they see the actual photos produced that they are even better than they ever dreamed.  This is because the model is not used to seeing themselves like this, and is used to only seeing others in those “great” photographs.  Boudoir puts you into the pictures that you love, and it is your business alone as to what you do with them.