Boudoir photography isn’t cheap. At least, great boudoir isn’t cheap. For most of the time we’ve been in the photography business our personal motto has been, “We hope to some day make enough money to be able to afford our own services.” We’re still working on it.

There are a lot of reasons that great photography of any kind isn’t cheap:

Experience is valuable: you want to find a photographer that has spent time and energy honing their craft. Someone who knows about posing, lighting, f stops, apertures, angles, and more.

Equipment is expensive: a great photographer isn’t snapping away with an iPhone 6. Modern, up-to-date camera equipment costs a lot. And keeping up with the technology adds to the expense.

Time is money: you may only spend an hour with your photographer, but that’s just the beginning of the amount of time spent on your session. Toning, editing and putting your images in a format for your viewing takes time. More time than you think.

I could go on, but so many others have covered this subject better than I could. The moral of the story is “You get what you pay for.”

Certainly there are cheap alternatives out there, but is that really what you want? For most women, a boudoir photo session is a once in a lifetime thing (maybe twice). It’s a bucket list kind of thing. It’s a little crazy and a little scary and a lot of fun.

If you’re only going to do something once, don’t you want to do it right?

Boudoir photography is a luxury item. No doubt about it. It’s not something you need. But is is something that can enhance your life.

Unless you’re independently wealthy, luxury can feel like something meant for someone else. But it’s not. And here’s why:

Everyone deserves a little luxury: That’s right, everyone. If we have the means, we should all spurge on ourselves from time to time.

You deserve to take time for you: As women especially, we tend to take care of those around us at the expense of our own self-care. You work hard, you deserve some luxury. Take a day to pamper yourself.

You deserve to feel great about yourself: You are beautiful. You really are. Let us show you.

boudoir photo session

You will never be this person again: You are beautiful RIGHT NOW. Just the way you are. Baby weight, crow’s feet, junk in the trunk. Doesn’t matter. You are still beautiful.

You will have the resulting images forever: “They” say that the best way to buy happiness is to buy experiences. Boudoir is an experience. Remember that bucket list thing? But once the experience is over you’ll have the amazing images to remind you, not only of your awesome day, but also of how gorgeous you are. Any time you need a reminder just look at the proof.

So get a little luxury in your life! Book a boudoir photography session now. What are you waiting for?

— sara

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