If you’ve looked around the boudoir world you may have noticed that we are a little different than most of the other boudoir photographers. One of the differences is that we don’t provide a hair and makeup artist for our clients. Why? We want you to be at your most beautiful for the shoot but we also want you to be you.

Professional hair and makeup artists are great and there are hundreds of quality choices in the Boston area. Maybe you used one for your wedding. Did you use the first one you found or did you search around for one who really fit? Just as with photographers, they are not all created equal and if you use one, it’s best to find the right one for you.

makeup for boudoir

We could interview hair and makeup artists and find the one that suits us best. Someone whose schedule works with ours. Someone we get along with. But that might not be the right person for you.

Granted, a truly talented artist will be well versed in all styles and techniques, but there’ still that something extra in a good working relationship that allows you to communicate your desires and have them brought to life as you envisioned. A connection.

Through our website and all aspects of our correspondence with clients we have tried to showcase our personalities and our working style. To build that connection. By the time someone books with us they should have a pretty good idea of who we are and the lengths we’ll go to to help them feel comfortable during their experience.

If you choose to use a hair and makeup artist for your boudoir session you should find the same thing. Use someone you already know and trust or find someone, maybe through recommendations, that will get you the results you want.

But remember, this shoot is all about you. Super hot. It’s even our tag line. We want you to look like you. We don’t want you to be transformed into someone you (and your mate) barely even recognize. So if you are confident in doing your own makeup, you should. You know you best.

Our studio has amazing natural light so we only recommend that you push the makeup a step or two beyond what you would normally do. If you want a natural, bedtime type look make sure the makeup is subtle. More day-to-day. If you are going for a more glam look, do the type of makeup you would do for a night out on the town. Are you a Chapstick and mascara girl? We can work with that too. Just be you.

We want you to look back at these images and see how beautiful you are right now. We don’t want you to remember that day a team of experts spent hours turning you into a gorgeous stranger. You. Are. Gorgeous. Our job as boudoir photographers is to help you see that. Not just for a day but in a deep and abiding way that you can carry with you from now on.


P.S. Check out THIS husband’s reaction to boudoir images of his wife whom he barely recognized.

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