There is no such thing as a typical “boudoir photography” customer.  While there are generally more female customers than male, and they are generally over 30 years old, there are very few factors that define a typical customer due to the fact that everyone has different reasons for desiring the experience.  Most boudoir customers have a specific person in mind that the photos are a gift for, but many others are doing it for no other reason than wanting to appear sexy and beautiful, and with no intention of giving the photos to anyone but themselves.  Men are typically less likely to have boudoir photography done than women, but that does not mean that men do not have quite a few sessions done.  More than anything, it is worth illustrating that there is no such thing as a typical customer because every session is unique, every customer is unique, and each person is doing it for a different reason.

Couples boudoir photography is one of the less popular forms, but which is becoming more interesting to people.  This is probably due to the fact that a typical session is being guided by the models as a gift to a significant other, and if both parties are involved in the session then it is not going to be a surprise to anyone! That being said, many couples are starting to look at getting boudoir photos done simply as a way of recapturing the feeling of beauty and excitement that was present at the beginning of their relationship and which might be feeling less intense now after years of being together.  While the feelings for each other have never faded away, the routines of daily life may have made the relationship seem less exciting than it once was.  Both parties might be guilty of not putting in as much effort to be attractive to their partner any more, and getting both partners together to have a professional photographer make them look as sexy as they ever have will many times provide that spark that seems to have gone dim.

Boudoir photography either as a couple or as an individual with a different person in mind is all about presenting yourself as attractive for that other person.  The point is to show them that you are just as attractive as you have ever been, and even though things might seem a little less exciting sometimes, there is always that spark underneath that just needs a little bit of help to show itself.  This is what the boudoir photographer can provide for you, and if both parties in the relationship are involved then the photographer can work with the added tool of illustrating your bond and your relationship in addition to looking erotic and attractive.  In a couples session, you get to look attractive for each other at the same time as being attractive for yourself, which can add a new dimension to the entire photo shoot.  If youa re looking for a unique way to show your love to the world, consider a boudoir session that features both of you!