Photography is the art form involving the capture of imagery with a camera, and the presentation of those images using a wide variety of techniques and aspects.  There are many different forms of photography that all are covered under the umbrella of “photography,” but each form is different and unique.  There are specific aspects of each form of photography that create the style, and although these rules are open to interpretation by the photographer themselves, they will generally follow a pattern that allows us to define one style or another.  “Landscape photography” is different than “portrait photography,” in that one captures expanses of land and the other captures the images of people.  “Boudoir photography” is a very unique style that combines elements of many different kinds of photography, designed to present a person or persons at an intimate moment.  The style is designed to be presented as a tease or an erotic moment, with sexuality generally being a dominant characteristic.  Various stages of undress will also generally define the form, as the entire premise is to capture a person at a moment that is not meant to be seen by the public.

Boudoir when looked at from the outside may appear as though it is similar to fantasy photography in that it is presenting nudity or semi-nudity, and while that very well might be the case there are additional factors involved in boudoir that make it unique.  In a boudoir photo session, the model is generally the one guiding the process.  This is not to be misinterpreted as that the model is actually the one creating the pictures, but instead should be looked upon as the model guiding the process that results in the images.  Boudoir photographers are hired by models to produce images that are for the model’s use, and as such there is generally a person in mind when the photo session is being conceived.  Boudoir photos are very much like a personalized glamour session where a story is attempting to be told, that story being told to a limited audience that is in the model’s mind.  If the session is for a significant other, the fantasies and erotic thoughts of that other person may be experimented with, positioning the model at the center.  The idea is to create a private fantasy for the person the session is created for.  In this capacity, the model is in control of the actual ideas that are then fulfilled.

The concepts of the boudoir session are worked out through consultation with the model and photo staff, then the actual imagery is created by the photographer using the skills and tools they possess.  It can be thought of as the model painting a picture using by describing to a painter what they should be painting.  They are not the actual ones with the brushes in their hands, but they are the ones telling the story.  These types of concepts are what creates the unique form of photography called “boudoir,” and while no session will be exactly like another, the boudoir photographer is the artist who is translating the vision.