You Will Never Be This Person Again

You know the excuses. We have heard them all. I just want to lose that last 10 pounds. I just had a baby 43 months ago. I have a pimple. I'll wait until summer when I've got a little color. I should have done it 10 years ago before the drooping and the wrinkling. They...

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More On the Subject of Sexy

We love doing boudoir photography and have committed ourselves to being the premiere boudoir photographers in our area. There is no question that this type of photography is all about the sexy. Women come to us for many reasons, but it always comes back to the sexy....

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Boudoir Brings Couples Together

The holiday madness is barely over, you've only just returned to work and your bank account hasn't yet recovered and we’re asking you to think about Valentine's Day. But that's so far away! Not really. It all depends on what you plan to give your Valentine. If you...

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What Is Sexy?

As professionals who specialize in boudoir photography we have spent a lot of time thinking about this. What is sexy? And we've discovered that the answer can be different for each client. Some women are thin, some are curvy, some are serious, some are bubbly, some...

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Share That Boudoir Session. Mom Might Surprise You.

People often think that having boudoir photos taken is something to keep a secret. We always ask clients how they heard about us. Did they know what boudoir photography was? Were they searching for it? Or did they just happen upon it? Many women say they don't know...

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