It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, not back to school; the holidays. You know what happens a lot during the holidays? Presents! That’s why it’s so wonderful. Okay, there’s the whole family togetherness thing as well. But…presents! And giving is just as amazing as receiving.

You know what would make a great holiday gift for your significant other? You. Super hot. Imagine their face when they open their gift and find one of our awesome, custom designed albums filled with the beauty that is you. Or 15 jaw dropping images of your bad self nestled in a handmade walnut treasure box. Best. Present. Ever.

You’re not the type that would normally do this, right? Few people think they are. But that’s what will make it even more special. That surprise factor. Your loved one will never suspect. They can shake the present all they want, they’ll never figure it out.

The best part, the VERY best part, is that it’s not just a gift for your honey. It’s also for you. We’ve already established that this isn’t something you would normally do. But that’s why you really should. It’s a little like riding a roller coaster: it’s a little bit scary, it’s a lot of fun and you’re not really in any danger. You’ll be fine. You’ll be better than fine.

The way we do boudoir photography is a little different than most. We make this all about you. Not the you that could be. The you your loved one fell in love with. Not into lacy lingerie? You don’t need it. He loves you in an old Metallica t-shirt and cotton panties? Bring those. Whether you are about corsets and garter belts with thigh high stockings or simple bralettes, we’ve got you covered. Or uncovered, really.

We are experts at posing you to your best advantage. We know your angles, even if you don’t. We all have trouble spots and parts we don’t want featured. We’ll find your best side, even if you didn’t know you had one. And our studio is filled with fantastic natural light that brings a warm glow to everything it touches. You will look and feel best. A best that you didn’t even know had.

And who knows? Maybe this crazy, amazing gift will inspire your partner. New Year’s Eve is a great time for engagements. We’ve been told by past clients that our boudoir images have helped one or two procrastinators take that leap. Or maybe you’ll be emboldened to do the proposing. It’s 2016. You’re a strong, independent woman. If you want it, you should go and get it.

Even if marriage isn’t your thing, or if you’re already married, boudoir images can still be the perfect holiday gift. So grab your big girl panties, whether they’re lacy or boy cut or a cotton thong, and give us click. Click “Book Now.” Do it now so we can be ready for the holidays. You won’t regret it and your mate will be blown away. The only problem is that next year it will be hard to top it.

– sara