You may have noticed that there’s one big difference between our website and the websites of most boudoir photographers. We have no Before and After boudoir photography anywhere on our website. None. If you’ve browsed around the boudoir world at all you’ve surely seen them. Before is a frumpy, haggard looking woman in sweats with limp or frizzy hair and no makeup. They are generally taken in unflattering lighting with no regard for posing as soon as the client walks in the door. The After photo displays a supermodel in comparison. A woman so completely different from the first her own children might not recognize her. A hairstylist and makeup artist that she has, most likely, just met have done their work and transformed her.

When you see these photos you are meant to think, “If they can make HER look good they can certainly do something for me. They made her look amazing in the After photo.” But what we wonder is why they would take a beautiful woman and make it seem like she’s not good enough just the way she is? Don’t we get enough of that day in and day out from almost every part of our culture?

We don’t provide a hair and makeup artist. We leave that decision up to our clients. Many women are comfortable doing their own and those who aren’t should be able to find someone they are comfortable with and who shares their vision. Someone they have chosen and met with to discuss their personal preferences.

Here in the Boston area we have a wide variety of people. Beyond the many different ethnicities, we have every type of woman from high maintenance glamour to completely natural and everything in between. We want our images to represent each client just as she is. You are amazing. Your mate already thinks so. You should think so.

The most important thing is that we want you to look like you. And this doesn’t just extend to hair and makeup. Some women are comfortable in a corset with black lace thigh highs and heels. Other women are comfortable (and sexy) in a tank top and boy shorts. We want you and your mate and your best friend to look at these photos and see the beautiful woman you are. Inside and out. Cheesy? Maybe. But you need that. There isn’t a woman in our culture who doesn’t need that. And boudoir photography can help you celebrate it.

boudoir photography
You will walk into our studio a gorgeous, sexy and vibrant woman and through lighting, posing and  our super power of making you feel comfortable and confident, we will immortalize it. And then you will walk out of our studio a gorgeous, sexy and vibrant woman.
You will know that you are beautiful every day not just have a memory of that one day someone made you look beautiful. You are super hot. We can show you.