I could never do that!

It seems crazy, right? But you won't believe how beautiful and empowered you'll feel by stripping to your unmentionables for the camera. You'll really see yourself the way THEY see you. Hollywood and Madison Avenue spend billions trying to convince you that you aren't pretty enough, young enough, thin enough. But we will show you that you are. When is a good time? Now. When you're awesome! It's such a cool thing to do for yourself and for someone else you love.

here's how it all works, what's next, etc :

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We are great to work with


Who Do We Think We Are?


Felix and Sara want to meet you. We dig adventurous and brave people, which you are if you've read this far. We love showing people that having their picture taken can be fun and liberating instead of awkward and excruciating.

Here's the scoop about us: We met each other at Disney World and have been married for twenty three years. We have two awesome kids: Dash, who is fifteen and is incredibly serious about video games, and Magali, who is twelve and can tell you everything you could ever hope to know about Justin Bieber and nail polish.

We are all kind of geeky. We like sci-fi and musty museums, weird movies and long books.

And we make art.

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How Much?

You want to take some time just for yourself to feel beautiful. A boudoir session with Felix and Sara gives you that and the images and album we create let you remember how amazing you are right now. It makes a great gift for you or that someone who already sees that in you. We provide a comfortable and fun atmosphere that allows you to feel relaxed and natural in front of the camera. Boudoir sessions are $295 and include a one hour shoot, a one hour private viewing session, one 8x10 print of your favorite image, and one digital file of that same image. Our awesome albums are $895 and we also have collections that include all the images we show you.

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More questions? We answer every single one of them, plus three more. In our FAQ right here:


Short video of an actual client telling you what it's like. Plus us telling you what it's like :)

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We are located in Massachusetts USA. 

Our boudoir studio is in Chelmsford and you can see your images there or at our viewing studio in Cambridge.


The Bright Red Phone In Our Secret Underground Lair:


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here's how it all works, what's next, etc.

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